Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is an airline that operates out of Ireland. It is Ireland's national airline and operates in much of Europe, North America, and Africa. Aer Lingus has been operating as an airline since the 1930's though its ownership and associations have changed multiply times from then until now. Large portions of Aer Lingus's stock is currently held by both Ryan Air and the Irish State. Aer Lingus code shares with British Airways, United, and KLM in addition to partnering with Jet Blue and Aer Arann.

What advantages does Aer Lingus have?
Aer Lingus offers both business class and economy class on longer flights. Short flights are limited to only economy class. During their flights Aer Lingus offers complimentary food and beverages to everyone on board. Longer flights also offer a full meal. There is also in flight entertainment. This includes a wide selection of movies or video games. Those flying in business class also have the additional bonus of being able to select a playlist from a wide variety of mp3's offered. Business class is guaranteed to have a power outlet on all of there flights and some of the planes in their fleet also provide those in economy class with power outlets as well.

Why should you fly with them?
One of the main reasons that people fly with Aer Lingus is for their customer service provided as well as competitive pricing. Aer Lingus also flies to a number of very popular destinations making them a convenient airline to book with. Aer Lingus is especially convenient for those that live in Ireland as it provides both short trips as well as longer flights. Another perk of flying with Aer Lingus is that there prices for short flights have begun to get lower due to them choosing to compete with budget airlines starting in 2007.